Move with Freedom and Ease

Finally live life without knee, joint & back pain. SynoCell is an exclusive pain solution featuring our innovative Triple the Relief Formula. SynoCell uniquely targets three critical areas of pain relief in both the knee and back, offering a level of relief unmatched by any other product.

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with Freedom and Ease

Finally live life without knee, joint & back pain. SynoCell is an exclusive pain solution featuring our innovative Triple the Relief Formula. SynoCell uniquely targets three critical areas of pain relief in both the knee and back, offering a level of relief unmatched by any other product.

$594 $234
$297 $147
$99 $59
Top NYC Doctor Reveals Once-A-Day Ritual:
“It’s Like Jiffy Lube For Your Aching Back, Stiff Neck, and Bone-On-Bone Knee Pain…”
Dr. Gina Sam M.D
Top New York City Doctor

“This one thing has helped thousands of patients ease neck pain, back aches, sciatica, joint stiffness, and sore knees. When nothing else seemed to work! 

And now it can lubricate your joints and help your body regenerate the protective cushion between the discs of your spine, your neck and joints to help you move and feel like a teenager again, without expensive medical procedures or unnecessary pills.”

Here’s Why I’m Considered One Of The Top Doctors In NYC...

Hi, I’m Dr. Gina Sam.

The Washington Post recently called me “the medical mystery doctor.”

Because I'm part of a small group of doctors in the world who specialize in functional medicine... which is the field of uncovering the root cause behind diseases.


For over 20 years, I’ve been focused on helping people turn around life-threatening conditions by finding the root cause on a cellular level.

And after graduating with both an M.D. and Master's in Public Health from Tufts University School of Medicine…

serving as a former director at Mount Sinai...

…becoming a member of the American College of Physicians… and being certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine…

I’m so passionate about helping people heal that I opened my own practice in New York City in 2014...

And for the past 8 years, I’ve developed a unique approach that's helped thousands of everyday folks erase their most pressing health issues... all by getting to the actual root of their health problems.

As a matter of fact...

My approach has become so popular that I regularly treat top athletes, celebrities, executives, and even former heads of government in my exclusive NYC practice.

The root cause of back, joint & knee pain has very little to do with age, weight, genetics...

To most doctors, they think that knee pain, or pain in the tiny joints in your fingers or the large vertebrae in your spine are caused by structural problems within the joint.

Or worse, like a chiropractor, you just need to ‘crack’ it into place.

They focus more on body parts and movement but never think about what’s actually causing these vital structures to degrade in the first place…

Because such a big part of my research was to understand cells and the different functions they perform in the body, I was able to look at this problem from a completely different perspective.

The first step to understanding the root cause of joint or back pain is to first realize that all joints, including the vertebrae in the spine, are all made of the same types of biological tissues.

In fact, your spine is nothing more than a series of 33 joints that house and protect your spinal cord and nerve fibers, which extend to every part of your body.

There are, cartilage which facilitates the movement of the bones, you have the blood vessels, you have the nerves which often run through the joint and of course you have synovial fluid, which lubricates the joints, and overall keeps things moving smoothly.

Realizing that almost all joints are made up of the same exact tissues – from the delicate joints of your fingers to the massive vertebrae of your lower back – was THE KEY to finding a done-at-home solution that actually works without addictive drugs, dangerous chiropractors or invasive procedures.

That’s why I’m so excited to share this with you today.

So folks can start to move around the house, spend time with loved ones WITHOUT knee, hip, or back pain, and start to live a normal pain-free life again.

So by now, you might be wondering:

“What’s the ROOT cause of Back, Joint & Knee Pain?”

I’ll reveal the root cause of joint and back pain in just a minute, but first, it’s important to understand how inflammation works.

You see, when we get injured, for example, an ankle sprain, or even when we put too much stress on joints and start to feel pain... Our nerve cells send an “OUCH signal” to our immune system.

This triggers your immune system to send cells called “cytokines” to the site of injury

Now cytokine's role, when working normally, is to bring down pain and heal the injury. This is the typical “inflammation” response. 

Now once your body is fully healed... Your nerve cells send a “REPAIRED signal” to your immune system.

This tells the immune system that cytokines have done their job and signals them to retreat.

Here’s the problem…

Sometimes, for whatever reason, the immune system never receives that ‘repaired’ signal. Kind of like when your phone loses reception and stops receiving messages.

This can sometimes happen after tissue-specific injuries but can also be triggered by viral infections, like the flu…  Which explains why people often experience stiffness and achy joints for an extended period of time after a viral infection.

The immune system sends more cytokines to the site of the injury to break down the tissue and repair it over and over again.

👉🏼 This is what’s known as chronic inflammation – it’s simply an immune response that just never goes away.

However, each time the tissue is broken down and repaired in an attempt to heal, the spongy tissue inside the cartilage loses a small amount of synovial fluid.

Leaving the joint more dried out and smaller each time.

Now, believe me, this condition is worse than it sounds…

👉🏼 Because the real problem is this constant attack on the cartilage, whether it's in the knees, the wrists, ankles, the tiny joints in the fingers, and even the vertebrae that run up and down the spine…

Eventually causes joints to dry out, depleting the synovial fluid, shrinking the cartilage, and reducing the amount of space between the moving parts of the skeletal system.

And once this cartilage shrinks, it puts pressure on the nerves, resulting in pain or other sensations like numbness, tingling, or even sensations of hot or cold that never go away.

Remember, when the cartilage is healthy, synovial fluid is literally like a teflon coating for your joints, you feel loose and limber, you move with complete freedom, and pain-free. In fact, you most likely don’t even notice or think about your joints at all.

However, once inflammation dries out your synovial fluid, nerves get pinched, muscles tighten, and suddenly you’ve got lower back pain, or a stiff neck, or aching knees.

To restore your joints and spine to their youthful, healthy function, you have to first stop the cytokine storm, and then rehydrate the cartilage with synovial fluid.

Synovial fluid provides nutrition to the cartilage lining the spine and joints, lubricates them, and reduces friction.

And as you probably guessed…

Until you restore the synovial fluid, the joint will continue to shrink and cause pain

So now that we understand the root cause of joint, knee, and back pain, how can we use this knowledge to not just stop the pain… But prevent it from ever returning. 👉🏼 That’s the question I began to ask myself.

Rather than just masking the symptoms like every other “solution”…

I wanted to find a simple, all-natural, at-home remedy to give people their lives back.

Now unfortunately, a formula like this did not exist, and I had to look at ingredients myself based on my own unique research and clinical expertise.

So I began my journey looking for rare, exotic ingredients all around the world to address the root cause of joint and vertebrae degeneration. Specifically – what could increase synovial fluid to rehydrate and promote healing within the joint, increasing spacing and giving nerves room to breathe again.

Boswellia: The 2,000-Year-Old Natural PainKiller

👉🏼 Because the first step to handling the pain for good is to suppress the cytokine cell activity, the first ingredient I chose for this formula is called Boswellia.

This ancient herb, used for over 2,000 years for its pain-healing properties, has become a recent superstar in medical journals and research papers.

Studies show Boswellia gets to the root cause of your pain by inhibiting the production of cytokine… stopping cytokine storm… is an anti-inflammatory super-hero that allows you to feel relief almost instantly.

Recent studies show Boswellia can also aid with rejuvenating skin health, relieving knee discomfort, and even helps ward off chronic illness.

Our formula includes the most potent form of Boswellia. 

Now the next research-backed ingredient is a little-known superstar…

Quercetin: New Plant Compound Strengthens Cartilage and Bone

👉🏼 Once we’ve stopped the cytokine storm with Boswellia, we need to rejuvenate your damaged cartilage, joints, and bones.

That’s where the miracle molecule Quercetin comes to the rescue.

Quercetin is shown to improve the structural integrity of your joints, keeping the cartilage strong and preventing it from shrinking.

What’s even better is, quercetin prevents the joints in your back & knees from shrinking & aging, then helps your body regrow strong, new bones, allowing you to feel less & less pain… and increasing the strength in your knees and back (or any other part of your body that hurts).

The latest research also shows Quercetin to have promise in Reducing high blood pressure, Lowering bad cholesterol, Improving immune health, and even Supporting weight loss.

Quercetin truly is a miracle molecule for your entire health and well-being.

Then there’s the 3rd ingredient: Bromelain. In fact, this…

Bromelain: Pineapple Enzyme Heals Scar Tissue and Restores Blood Flow

👉🏼 After you’ve cooled off any chronic inflammation with Boswellia, and begun revitalizing your cartilage with Quercetin, the next step is to revitalize and repair the scar tissue that has accumulated in your joints.

The fastest, most effective way to do that (without painful surgery) is a special enzyme found only in Pineapples called Bromelain.

Bromelain accelerates the recoveries of blood perfusion and oxygen partial pressure in wound tissue.

Many people have scar tissue blocking the healing in their joints. Before you can fully restore blood flow, it's important to repair the scar tissue.

That's why we’ve included Bromelian in our formula.

In another study where 77 patients took Bromelain...

Scientists found that the patients started experiencing
a 59% decrease in pain symptoms. 7

That’s 59% of less knee & back pain.

Bromelain’s healing powers don’t just stop with scar tissue, muscle soreness, and joint pain relief.

MSM: Nature’s Joint Healer Restores Blood Flow and Oxygen to Damaged Cartilage

👉🏼 One of the keys to healing dry, damaged tissue is restoring healthy oxygenation and blood flow, which is where our next workhorse ingredient comes in…

Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane, better known as MSM.

Known as “Nature’s Joint Healer” MSM restores blood flow and oxygenation to worn-out cartilage.

MSM promotes healing and cartilage regeneration, which reduces joint inflammation and pain without the potentially serious side effects associated with painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs.

MSM also removes toxic waste products by increasing blood flow, accelerating the healing process, and allowing you to regain strength and mobility.

Even more...

MSM helps in the production of collagen and Keratin, two vital components for your connective tissues, but also your skin, preventing wrinkles and leading to youthful, vibrant skin... and long, luscious hair.

Clinical studies show that MSM also works even better when combined with our next powerful pair of natural ingredients… 

Glucosamine and Chondroitin:
Like Teflon Coating For Your Joints and Spine

👉🏼 Ok, so once the joints are repaired, scar tissue has been cleared out, blood flow is restored and now it’s time for our next ingredient to work its magic…

The final phase to restoring your joints to their full, pain-free, youthful function is rehydrating and lubricating your cartilage and spine with fresh, healthy synovial fluid.

This is where the dynamic duo of Glucosamine and Chondroitin work their magic

Glucosamine helps regrow and renew your cartilage, keeping it lubricated for smoother joint movement and better flexibility.

And when combined with all-natural Chondroitin, the synergistic, hydrating and lubricating effects are compounded.

…But without the harmful side-effects big-pharma tries to cover up.

It becomes like a teflon coating for your joints… Minimizing friction, while maximizing range of motion.

Because it increases synovial fluid – Nature’s healing lubricant.

And as Glucosamine and Chondroitin lubricate every nook-and-cranny

of your joints...

And as Glucosamine and Chondroitin

lubricate every nook-and-cranny of your

joints...'ll start to feel less stiffness in your arms, back, neck, and knees.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin have also been extensively studied for their role in joint degeneration and spine pain management.

For example, a 2016 study of Glucosamine and Chondroitin demonstrated the combo helped to reduce pain, stiffness, functional limitations, and joint swelling as effectively as common pain relievers in existence.

In fact, studies show Glucosamine and Chondroitin combined reduce heart disease by 65%...

Boswellia and Quercetin supercharges your body to help speed healing throughout your joints and vertebrae, improving blood flow and oxygen uptake in the surrounding tissues...

And while each ingredient has its own superpower to renew, heal and lubricate your joints and vertebrae, they work even BETTER when combined in the right ratio.

Patients who took Glucosamine... Chondroitin... Quercetin together performed normal activities with less pain! 8

After hundreds of hours of study, research and testing, searching the globe sourcing the highest quality, clinically tested herbs, plants, and ingredients…

My team and I have developed what we believe to be the most powerful and effective, pain relief formulation ever created.



Reverse the Root Cause of Joint and Back Pain and Experience Lasting Relief

SynoCell is a unique pain solution with our Triple Relief Formula. Feel the powerful action targeting discomfort in three stages to ease your pain.

Get Your SynoCell Now

Get Your SynoCell Now

1st Point of Pain Relief:

SynoCell helps reduce inflammation... stop "Cytokine Storm", which allows you to feel relief very quickly! Additionally, by targeting the root cause of chronic inflammation, SynoCell not only alleviates pain but also promotes long-term joint health.

2nd Point of Pain Relief:

SynoCell then speeds up your joint's healing process... by healing dead scar tissues... and helping your body repair damaged nerve endings, cartilages & tendons. And once this happens, your body from your neck, back, and knees will start to feel brand-new!

3rd Point of Pain Relief:

SynoCell finally lubricates your cartilages and brings back the cushion in between your joints... leading to you having more mobility and flexibility than ever before allowing you to feel and move as you did in your 20s…

And giving you 3 points of pain relief that you can never get anywhere else!

And you know what this all means right?

SynoCell will prevent your pain from waking you up at night...

…which also means you’ll have better sleep, and wake up with less fatigue and more energy…

And guess what SynoCell will do for you?

It will help you finally take back control of your life. So you can…

Finally Live Life Without Knee, Joint & Back Pain!

Imagine what your life will look like 90 days from now… 30 days from now … or even 7 days from now:

Imagine how the smiles on your kids or grandkids faces... as you pick them up with more strength and energy than you ever had before…

Imagine brimming with so much youthful energy…

…that you can garden, or play golf for hours on end…

…and bounce up and down your stairs…

Imagine being a superhero around the house again... as you open glass jars, boxes and tricky packages - with absolute ease!

Sit back and really imagine…

Imagine how happy your family will be… when they see you more active, alive, and happier than you’d ever been.

Imagine finally taking that dream vacation you’ve talked about for years - and traveling in any suitcase size you want (because you know you can lift it up)...

Imagine siteseeing:

...climbing up to the top of the Eiffel Tower… or strolling through the Great Wall of China... or hiking the Grand Canyon WITHOUT pain holding you back!

All that is possible once you start taking SynoCell!

By now, you can probably feel how your quality of life will improve with SynoCell, am I right?

Well, I have great news for you…

You’re not the only one!

Based on what our happy customers are saying, I can tell you that…

You’ll start to get a new lease on life… after a month… a week… or even a day… after taking SynoCell. 

Get Your SynoCell Now

Jess A.
verified customer

This stuff is a game-changer! It zapped away that nasty inflammation. Then, I swear, I could feel my joints healing up. And now? I'm moving like I'm back in my 20s! And I'm finally getting some solid sleep!

Danica N.
verified customer

Living with chronic pain was a nightmare. But then I discovered SynoCell. It started with reducing my inflammation, giving me almost immediate relief. But what truly amazed me was how it healed my joints from within, making them feel brand new. Now with the added lubrication, I move with ease and grace. Thanks SynoCell!

And that’s because SynoCell:

Erases a Lifetime of Aches & Pain in Just 7 Days

As reported by leading health journal - BioMed Central... when 70 patients with painful joints took Boswellia (an ingredient found in SynoCell)... the patients saw a HUGE difference in pain and functioning abilities...  as early as 7 days… meaning they were to walk, run, jump -PAIN-FREE, in just 7 days. 9

Improves Your Heart's Health in Just 8 Hours

Now you can live long with almost zero heart problems. How so? Well SynoCell contains heart-healthy nutrients... which The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology found reduces blood clotting... an which can lead to serious health problems. 10

Turns "Aged Joints" into "Bones of Steel"

SynoCell promotes strong healthy bones allowing you to be active well into your golden years, without pulling a muscle.

Allows You to Touch Your Toes PAIN-FREE, In 28 Days Flat

When the “Research in Sports Medicine” gave 106 patients Glucosamine (an ingredient found in SynoCell)... they gained more flexibility in their knees and joints in just 28 days. Imagine having the same flexibility to touch your toes or move your hips in circles. Well, that could very well be the case when you take SynoCell! 12

Radiate Youthful-Looking Skin Almost Overnight

When you take SynoCell, its nutrients increase collagen and keratin... which allows your wrinkles, fine lines, and eye bags to vanish... until you look like your younger self in the mirror.

Grows Follicles to Give You Pocahontas -Looking Hair

Natural Medical Journal discovered MSM (found in SynoCell) promotes hair growth on a follicle level... which can add more inches to your hair and give it a silky, vibrant glow. 12

Keeps You Mentally Sharp, Even at Age 90

Studies show SynoCell’s nutrient reduces age-related inflammation. And this improves cognitive functioning like memory & thinking, regardless of your age! 13

Fights Fatigue with its "All-Natural Red Bull Ingredient

The European Journal of Sport Science discovered SynoCell’s ingredient reduced muscle soreness and “feeling of fatigue”... and maintained “testosterone concentration”. Simply put: With SynoCell, you can jump right out of bed and gush out all-day energy... without feeling the afternoon slump. 16

Improves Quality of Life Day by Day

The PhytoMedicine Journal reported adults who took Bromelain (found in SynoCell) improved in overall well-being... meaning they were happier and in a better mood each and every single day. 17

Skyrockets Your Muscle Power by 60%

Scientists (from the American College of Sports Medicine) discovered SynoCell’s ingredients reduce muscle soreness and increase your muscle’s power output by 60%. That’s 60% more power for you to do things like lift heavy boxes, pick up your grandkids, and go for a run. 19

Gives You 90% MORE Relief Than Other Pain Solutions

Several of SynoCell’s ingredients are easily absorbed in your body… with one having a bioavailability of 90%... meaning your body is 90% more likely to absorb the nutrients found in SynoCell… allowing you to feel 90% MORE pain-soothing effects in your back, neck, shoulders, fingers (or anywhere your body hurts). 20

Revs Up Your Sex Drive with Dr. Oz's Ultimate Orgasm Libido Booster

According to Dr.Oz, Bromelain, an ingredient found in SynoCell triggers testosterone production which increases your sex drive… allowing you to get the spark back in the bedroom and be intimate with your spouse like you did in your teens. 21

And so much more…

Get Your SynoCell Now

Derek H.
verified customer

The instant relief from inflammation was just the beginning… Over time I felt my body healing internally specially around my neck and back… I can't remember the last time I moved this freely without pain!

Henry S.
verified customer

I no longer wake up in pain, and I feel more energetic throughout the day. SynoCell ​​has truly given me a new lease on life. Overall a great product!

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So it's about high time you do something about your chronic pain.

The only thing is:

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Companies that sell through third parties often share 30-50% of their profits.

As a result, they source cheap ingredients to make money.

And that's why I made SynoCell available ONLY on this page. So we never have to cheapen our products!

This also means we put only the best ingredients in SynoCell.

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Well, we’ve seen that customers who get the best results…

...where the pain is virtually non-existent in their body… take SynoCell for at least 3 months.

And if you think about the science, it makes perfect sense:

Because while you’ll feel almost instant relief the first few days you take SynoCell…

…it takes a while for its pain-relieving ingredients to get inside joints…

And remember, we’re talking about years and years of damaged joints.

So it only makes sense that it takes some time for SynoCell to erase years of wear and tear...

...and for SynoCell to help you get back to your younger self (you know, those days when you can be active for hours on end, without your knees or back paying for it)...

Get Your SynoCell Now

Linda G.
verified customer

I was skeptical at first but after seeing the research SynoCell, I decided to give it a shot… and I'm glad I did! My knee pain has reduced significantly, and my muscle power has increased. I can now enjoy playing with my grandkids without any fatigue.

Maddie C.
verified customer

Alright, I'm sold! First, it chilled out my inflammation like a boss. Then I swear it was like someone hit the refresh button on my joints. I'm dancing around like I've got springs in my legs! Nights are all about that deep sleep… it felt like I got this epic inner spa treatment for my joints. 

Dr. Gina Sam MD

Top New York City Doctor

That’s why as a Doctor, I recommend you get a 3-month supply of SynoCell …

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By now, you know the older we get, the faster muscle mass disappears.

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....and giving up on a life where you’re able to dance, golf, run, and play with your grandkids again.

But look…

It doesn't have to be like this!  You can put an end to this by ordering your bottle of SynoCell today. So say goodbye to your current life and say hello to a life free of discomfort by getting SynoCell right now. Click the button below and order yours right away!


30-Day Supply (1 Bottle)

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90-Day Supply (3 Bottles)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now I know that people who watch this far usually have a few questions, so let me answer a few of the most popular ones.

I have really bad knees, are you sure this will work for me?

We have tested SynoCell time and time again, and the results are always the same.

Even more, tons of studies confirm this fact: Read More

The ingredients found in SynoCell can erase away almost all aches & pain in your knees.

And improved in daily activities like walking, and climbing up the stairs... (without their knees paying for it). As published by Oxford Academic. 22

And get this…

Another study found that 77 patients felt 59% LESS pain.

That’s 59% less pain every time you wake up… and 59% less pain every time you walk, run, or do anything active.

Just imagine how pain-free you'll feel with this kind of relief!

So I don't have to tell you SynoCell will work for you, even if you have bad knees.

Now in case you're wondering about the science behind SynoCell, here's how it works:

SynoCell’s ingredients increase the molecular size of hyaluronic acid in your joints…

...meaning it lubricates your knees until you feel less pain and more strength in your knees.

PLUS… it increases synovial fluid (which is a thick liquid located between your joints)...

And once this happens, you’ll have more cushion between your knees. And this means your joint will be better able to absorb the shock of daily activities…

...which also means you can run, walk, and lift heavy boxes without feeling pain in your knees.

So let me ask you this:

If this works for people with severe joint and knee pain… why would it not work for you?

And if SynoCell has helped thousands of pain sufferers with shot knees… why would it not work for you?

Of course, it could work for you!

And look, here’s the bottom line:

We create SynoCell to help any man or woman who wants to end their pain, regardless of:

  • Their age
  • What type of pain they have
  • Where their pain is
  • How bad their pain is now
  • What they have tried before
  • Whether they are currently on medication

So rest assured SynoCell will give you relief in your knees, neck, back (or any other part of your body that aches). Read Less

Is SynoCell only for joint pain? Or will it help with nerve damage, stiffness, and muscle spasms?

Have you heard of free radicals?

Well, they are unstable molecules that increase inflammation levels... which can lead to nerve damage, stiffness, and muscle spasms. Read More

And get this...

Because of the environment and inflammatory foods... this triggers the production of bad toxic molecules in your body.

And these bad toxic molecules are like free radicals - as they also trigger nerve damage... stiffness... and muscle spasms as well.

And as you probably guessed...

Nerve damages, stiffness, and muscle spasms come from free radicals... and the production of toxic molecules in your body

Luckily, studies show SynoCell’s ingredients have antioxidant properties.

This means it protects your joints, nerve endings and muscles from free radicals.

Even better...

Synocell’s ingredients inhibit the production of harmful toxic molecules. And you know what this means right?

By taking SynoCell… you’ll get rid of free radicals and bad toxic molecules.

And as a result...

You'll soothe symptoms such as sudden stiffness… and spasms in your neck, back, or legs.

Simply put:

Taking SynoCell is one of the best ways to ease muscle spasms... nerve damages... and sudden stiffness! Read Less

So what makes SynoCell different from other pain solutions I have tried?

By now, you know that most pain solutions work by reducing inflammation... 

...or blocking out the pain receptors in your brain… Read More

But what about the years of almost irreversible damage done to your joints?

What about the damage done to your nerve endings, back discs, and tendons?

What about the lack of cushion in your cartilage, which leads to “joint rots” that keep you as stiff as a statue? 

How can you experience true lasting relief if your pain solution doesn’t address all these issues?

Luckily, SynoCell is the only pain solution in the world with our Triple the Relief Formula…

…meaning it’s a rare pain solution that gives you 3 points of pain relief in your knee, back, hips (or any part of your body that hurts)...

Point #1 - it stops the overproduction of cytokines, calming the cytokine storm, which then allows you to feel relief almost instantly.

Point #2 - it clears out dead scar tissues, which speeds up the healing process of your joints... and helps repair damaged nerve ending, cartilages, tendons and bones, and joints…

Point #3 - it finally lubricates your cartilages and brings back the cushion between your joints, leading to you having more mobility and flexibility than ever before…

And do you know what this all means?

Unlike other solutions, Synocell addresses the root cause of your joint pain...

...and gives you 3 points of relief so you can finally erase your discomfort & soreness once and for all! Read Less

Are there any side effects? Is SynoCell safe?

Great question!

Unlike most pain solutions out there, which several studies from Harvard… Columbia University… and Johns Hopkins Medicine confirm can lead to: Read More

Increase cravings and sugary foods, leading to stubborn weight gain you can never get rid of, no matter how much you diet or exercise…

Severe stomach pains, bloatedness, constipation - or worse yet - “poop embarrassment” where you can’t control when to use the bathroom…

Shortness of breath and even asthma after just 3 minutes of playing with your grandkids… or doing anything active…

Constant drowsiness to the point that you have almost ZERO energy for your family, work, house chores, and your favorite hobbies…

High blood pressure, heart disease and even heart attacks (and we both know that’s the last scare your family needs)...

SynoCell has ZERO side effects!

And that’s because our ingredients are all-natural.

PLUS… it has zero fillers, soy, artificial coloring, dairy, or heavy metals… AND it’s fully compliant with GMP safety standards…

Even more… it fits most dietary restrictions.

In fact, to this day, we have had a single side effect reported from our loyal customers who take SynoCell. And do you know what this means?

Now you can get the relief your joints need… without worrying about dizziness, high blood pressure, fatigue… 

…or any other side effects that come with taking most pain solutions! Read Less

What are the ingredients in SynoCell? Are they all natural?

Yes. There are 6 exotic ingredients in SynoCell…

blended together in specific portions to wash away almost all Read More

aches and pain in your body.

In fact, here’s a quick run-down of all 6 natural, exotic ingredients:

A 2,000 Holy Oil That Gives You Relief - as early as 7 days
A Plant Compound Proven To Revitalize Aging Bones and Help Regrow Strong Joints
A Natural Pineapple Enzyme That Increase Your Muscle Strength by 60%... giving you the power to do things like hiking, golfing etc.
A Natural Ingredient That Takes Away Toxins From Your Joints… Healing Joint Damages From The Inside Out… and Allowing You To Regain Strength in Your Knees, Back, Hips etc.
A Shellfish Extract That Increases Your Mobility and Flexibility… Allow You To Move with the Same Suppleness You Did as a Teen
The Final Natural Ingredient Which “Greases” Your Joints… Allow Every Joint in Your Body to Be as Flexibility and Elastic as a Rubberband

And by now, you have seen all the clinical studies that prove all 6 ingredients can give you almost instant relief in your back, neck, knees (or any other part of your body that aches).

Yet I want you to do more than just read these studies or just take my word for it…

I want you to experience the pain-relieving power of Synocell for yourself.

So take action and order your supply of Synocell today!

Allergy Disclaimer: contains shellfish (shrimp, crab, crayfish, lobster). Read Less

How fast will I see results?

While many customers report feeling relief within the very first day of taking SynoCell… results may vary from person to person.

And since studies show the ingredients inside SynoCell have been proven to relieve pain in as early as 7 days... Read More

I wouldn’t be surprised if the pain in your back, neck, knees, shoulders, and fingers started to vanish... within the first week!

Now remember…

Synocell has a compounding effect...

...which means the more you take it, the better it will work… and less pain you'll feel... until you wake up one day, WITHOUT your knees hurting... or your back aching!

Which is why as a doctor, I recommend stocking up on the 3-month supply of Synocell. Read Less

How do I take SynoCell?

All you have to do is take 2 easy-to-swallow capsules of SynoCell first thing in the morning and you’re set! Read More

Synocell will start working in the background right away!

First, it will reduce your inflammation level and calm the cytokine storm (the root cause of your pain)...

Then it will remove waste and toxins from your joints…

After, it will start healing damaged joints, cartilages, nerve endings from the inside out…

Finally, it will lubricate your joints… giving it more flexibility and elasticity.

You put this all together and what do you get?

A pain solution that finally works… and gives you MORE than just lasting relief…

…allowing you to feel and move like you used to!

And the best part?

All you have to do is take 2 pills of Synocell once daily at home, sitting on your couch! Read Less

What if I’m not happy with my order?


You’re backed by our 90-Day “Back to Life” Ironclad Guarantee…

…meaning if you’re not satisfied with your order… Read More

Then all you have to do is send a quick email to our customer service specialist…

…and just like that, you’ll get your money back - no questions asked!

This also means you can try Synocell to experience its pain-soothing effects for yourself…

…without taking any risk on your end!

So go ahead - click on the package of your choice and place your order right now, before you miss out on this big savings. Read Less

Are there any hidden fees or recurring charges? How much will SynoCell cost me?

There are no hidden fees or recurring charges!

When you order SynoCell today, you pay a one-time, risk-free investment. Read More

And the best part?

There are zero hidden charges or recurring fees!

Now let me ask you this:

What is the hidden cost of living with pain?

Because by now, you probably know that…

…your chronic pain is draining your pockets dry.

And by now, you also know that the longer you wait to soothe your discomfort for good, the more money you’ll end up paying.

And it could cost you thousands just to get temporary relief.

As opposed to Synocell, which gives you lasting relief for less than a coffee a day.

And remember…

Because you read this far, we’re giving you a HUGE discount… as a thank you.

So by now and get 50% OFF each bottle when you get the 3-month supply! Read Less

How long will this special offer for SynoCell last?

There’s no telling how long this special offer will last…

And that’s because we only use high-quality ingredients… which means production is not cheap. Read More

Plus we’re getting a surge of orders every single day because of this special offer…

Couple that with the fact that there are supply-chain delays due to the current economy…

And you’ll clearly see that we can maintain this deeply-discounted price forever.

That’s why I encourage you to order today and grab the 3-month supply… to make sure you don’t run out.

You’ll also save the most money with the 3-month supply option… as you’ll get 50% OFF and only $49 per bottle! Read Less

Is there anything else I should know about SynoCell?



Apart from erasing your discomfort & soreness for good… SynoCell has unexpected benefits: Read More

  • Stops blood clotting and improves heart health in just 8 hours
  • Increases Follicle Growth to Give You Long, Silky Hair
  • Keeps You as Sharp as a Tack, Even at Age 90
  • Speeds Up Fat-Burning, Helping You Lose Weight, FAST
  • Revs Up Your Sex Drive So You Can be More Intimate with Your Spouse

Now the only question is:

Will you continue to live in pain?

Or will you give Synocell a try risk-free… so you can finally experience lasting relief… as well as the benefits stated above?

The choice is yours! Read Less

How do I order SynoCell again?


All you have to do to claim your supply of SynoCell is… Read More

Select how many bottles you’d like below (remember it’s best if you select the 3-month supply as you’ll get the most pain-relieving benefits).

Then click the “Add To Cart” button…

After that, you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page where you can complete your order and tell us where to send the bottles.

Once that’s done, we’ll get your bottles of Synocell in the mail and they’ll arrive at your door in 5–7 business days.

Alright, so that’s all for today.

Go ahead and complete your order, and I’ll see you on the next page. Read Less

Look - right here, right now, you have 2 choices to make:

The first is you can get SynoCell right away and finally put a stop to your knee & back discomfort for good!

Or you can go with the second option…

…which I call “PAIN PRISON”!

Where even though you keep trying one pain solution after the other…

You’ll feel trapped & STUCK with pain forever… and feel like a prison caged inside your own body.

And believe me…

This Type of Pain is WORSE Than The Nursing Home or the Hospital 

Because the longer you live with your pain, the more likely you’re to accept defeat! And if you haven’t already, you’ll start to think to yourself:

“Maybe I’m just meant to live with pain for the rest of my life”.

And look - it’s important you make your decision now. Because the longer you live with your pain…

…the less & less you’ll feel like a “normal person”...

…and the more & more you’ll feel like a dependent child who needs help with simple tasks... like opening a jar, carrying grocery bags or even putting on a shirt.

It’s important you make your choice now, because the longer you wait…

…the more your golf clubs, running shoes, and passport will collect dust… and serve as a SAD REMINDER you’re missing out on life.

And while your family tells you to take it easy as you’re not “young again”...

….deep down, you know they are only saying that because they see you as weak & fragile. So don’t you think it’s about time you do something? Something drastic!?

Look - I have shown you how most pain solutions NEVER work because they don’t get to the root cause…

Even more…

I have shown you the root cause of your pain: cytokine storm…

…and how these tiny yet deadly messenger cells have been triggering your knee & back pain for years now!

I even went the extra mile to show you 6 of the most natural, potent ingredients on planet earth…

which ease your knee & back pain...

heals and help regrow strong, solid bones...

lubricates your joints to keep you flexible...

...all without prescriptions and knee replacement surgery... and ZERO side-effects.

So the only question I have for you is (and I need you to really think about this):

Will you continue to let your knee & back pain stop you from enjoying the rest of your life?

Or will you finally put a stop to your pain by getting SynoCell…

…the only pain solution that gives you 3 points of pain relief in your back & knee pain? 

Look - you have lived with pain long enough. 

It’s time you see how enjoyable life can be once your knee & back pain vanishes.

So don’t wait any longer! Click the button below and order SynoCell right now!

Plus remember… 

You get free shipping and 10% OFF when you get the 3-month supply! This offer won’t last long. So take action, click the button and get SynoCell right away!

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