Our approach to get you moving smoothly and freely, so that you can live life unrestricted

Our approach to get you moving smoothly and freely, life unrestricted

Getting to the heart of it

We understand that nearly all joints, regardless of where they are in your body — from the delicate joints of your fingers to the massive vertebrae of your lower back — are made up of the same biological tissues. There is cartilage, which facilitates the movement of the bones, blood vessels, and nerves. More importantly, synovial fluid is responsible for lubricating the joint and keeping things moving smoothly.

That’s why we approach treating joints and back aches from the inside out.

The overlooked root cause

Inflammation is often at the heart of the problem, whether it stems from strain or is simply a consequence of aging. When nerve cells pick up pain, they trigger the immune system, which sends cytokine cells to the site of the injury. Inflammation occurs when a maladaptive response keeps sending cytokines cells to the site, and instead of healing the site, begins to cause it harm—the synovial fluid gets depleted, and the cartilage shrinks, reducing the amount of space between your bones and increasing pressure on your nerves.

Healing from the inside out

Rather than masking symptoms, SynoCell’s unique formula targets the root of joint and vertebrae degeneration. Our ingredients increase synovial fluid to rehydrate and promote healing within the joint, increasing spacing and giving nerves room to breathe again so that you can move smoothly and freely.

Make your move

SynoCell is uniquely formulated with ingredients targeting relief at three points of intervention so that you can experience optimal joint health and the freedom to move with comfort and ease.